New API Functions:

1. Add_User_EmailNo:
This function is exactly the same as the User_Add function. The only difference is that when you add the User to SignFlow using this function, the user will not receive a Registration email.

2. GetBusinessDocs:
This functions allows the Business admin, or Service account user (used by API users) to get a list of all the Document IDs, within a specific date range, that belongs to his business. The user needs to supply his token information, Start date & End Date. The function will return a list containing the DocID, DocStatus, UserID (to who the document belongs), the created date. It will also return a result which should return “Success” if the user is allowed to get all the documents information.

3. UserStatusInformation:
This functions allows the user to check if a user is currently in SignFlow or not. The user will need to pass his token information, and the email address (This email is the email address of the person who they need to lookup). The function will return a result, this result will show “Success” if the user was found in SignFlow. If the result is “Success” the user will receive that user’s UserID, UserEmail and UserStatus.