As SignFlow releases newer versions, you please need to keep your Office Add-In up to date with the latest version. If the Office Add-In refuses to log you in from MS Word or Excel, it could mean that your Office Add-In version is to old and needs to be updated.

To update to the latest version, please follow these easy steps or get your IT department to assist. SignFlow support can also give telephonic assistance or via Team Viewer.

  1. Login to SignFlow
  2. Click on "My Profile"
  3. Click on "Software Catalog"
  4. Under Microsoft Office Add-In, Click on "Download"
  5. The file will download to your "Downloads" Folder - See left-hand side bottom of your screen

  6. Before installing the new file, lets first uninstall the old one
  7. Minimize (do not close) your browser with the download session)
  8. From your Desktop or File manager, click on "Control Panel" 

  9. Click on "Programs and Features"

  10. Double Click on "SignFlow Office Add Ins" 

  11. It will bring up a screen to confirm whether you are sure you want to uninstall SignFlow Office Add Ins, say "YES"

  12. Windows will remove the files from your computer.

  13. Close the Control Panel.

  1. Lets finalize the Install

  2. Open the Browser with the Download session (If you closed it, go to your Downloads folder and find the File)

  3. Click on the download file and choose "Open"

  4. Double click the SignFlowOfficeAddIn.exe file

  5. If you get a "Windows protect your PC" screen, please click on "More Info" and "Run anyway"

  6. Your new Office Add-Inn will now install. 

  7. Click "Next" and "Install" in the InstallShield Wizzard and "Finish" when done.

  8. Please close your Office applications like Word or Excel so the new Add-in can bind with the applications.

SignFlow will now be active on the Microsoft Office Applications (like Word and Excel) ribbon. Fianlise your document and send it directly to SignFlow to workflow it for approval and signatures.