Attached is the .DLL for .NET 4.0

The URL where you need to point the factory is:



All the examples previously sent for the API still apply to this DLL.

The only change is that this library now uses a XML Serializer and Httpbinding to send messages around.

This results in the Classes using the private fields names instead of the Public properties.

Below is an example of the login using this DLL


in VB.


Dim SFF As New SignFlowAPIFactory
Dim Result As SignFlowAPI.LoginResponse
Dim Request As New SignFlowAPI.LoginRequest
Request.PasswordField = "12345678"
Request.UserNameField = ""
Dim SFURL As String = ""
Dim SFAPIClient As ISignFlowAPIService
SFAPIClient = SFF.CreateClient(SFURL)
Result = SFAPIClient.Login(Request)


In C#


SignFlowAPIFactory SFF = new SignFlowAPIFactory();
SignFlowAPI.LoginResponse Result;
SignFlowAPI.LoginRequest Request = new SignFlowAPI.LoginRequest();
Request.PasswordField "12345678";
Request.UserNameField "";
ISignFlowAPIService SFAPIClient;
 SFAPIClient = SFF.CreateClient(SFURL) as ISignFlowAPIService;
Result SFAPIClient.Login(Request);