1. Register as a SignFREE user

  1. When you receive an email from a SignFlow user who requires you to sign a document, you need to register for a SignFREE account in order to sign it. 
  2. You will receive an email notification, as illustrated below, telling you there is a document that requires your signature. 

  3. NOTE: The logo in the top-left corner of the email is customisable and will be that of the company from which the email originates.
  4. Click on Open Document to kick off the registration process. You will immediately be sent to the SignFlow website to register your account.
  5. Next, you will be taken to the Register your account box (pictured below). Fill in all the required information, ensuring that all your details are correct.

  6. Most of the fields will be pre-populated, so all you need to do is complete your ID number (this is required to make your signature legal) and select a password for your account. 
  7. Remember to read the Terms & Conditions and tick the box to acknowledge that you accept them. You will not be able to proceed without doing this. 
  8. Click on the Register button to proceed. 
  9. You will now be prompted to enter your login details (the email address and password you just set up while registering your account).

  10. Fill in your email address and password and click Login
  11. Next, you will be asked to accept that you agree to the use of digital and electronic signatures as a valid method of signing documents. Simply tick the box and click Accept.

You will be taken to your newly created SignFlow account (you will see the document you've been sent for signing in the background, as pictured below), where you will need to set up your signature - the last step before you can sign your first document with SignFlow:

2. Set up your signature 

  1. Click Continue to bring your 3 Signature Type options: 

  2. Option 1: Draw your Signature using your mouse, track pad or tablet/smartphone. For best results, we recommend you use a touchscreen device and draw your signature with your finger.

  3. Option 2: Choose Font Signature from any of 8 pre-set font-based signatures.

  4. Option 3: Upload a signature by opening the file of your custom signature, in either jpeg, bmp or png format, and dragging it onto the dotted box (pictured below). Your file must not exceed 1 MB in size. 

  5. Once you have selected your desired signature type, you will be presented with various signature appearance options.

  6. If you want to remove any of the below text components (Reason, Signed By or Date), switch these off using the toggle switches under your signature. 
  7. Click Save, and you're done - welcome to SignFlow. 

NOTE: You only have the option to switch off the Signed with SignFlow border (meaning just your font-based or drawn signature will display when you sign documents - no other text or graphics) if you have either a SignFlow Professional or SignFlow SA Legal account.  

NB: The items switched off in the new Edit Appearance function remain embedded in the certificate, and will still be present when you open and validate the digital signature. These fields are merely hidden/do not display on the signature's appearance.



You are now a registered SignFlow user with a legal digital signature. Next, you will be taken to the document to sign: