Watch the video below for an an overview on your Dashboard. 


Your dashboard is the first thing you will be greeted with upon logging in to your SigniFlow account. This palette of interactive buttons is basically a customised user interface, which organises and presents everything you would want to do in SigniFlow. 

Your dashboard will represent the functionalities associated with the SigniFlow account you have - i.e. either Personal, Business or Enterprise. The image below represents a typical SigniFlow Business account. 

We will use the term "basket" to refer to the different dashboard components.


Any document/s that require any action (e.g. signing or approving) from you will be displayed in this basket.


Every document you have sent out to be signed will be displayed here. Essentially, any document that has an incomplete workflow goes into the Circulating basket. 


Any document workflow that you have cancelled will be displayed in this basket. NOTE: If a workflow has a specified Due Date and Auto Expire is set to Yes, the workflow will be cancelled and moved to the Cancelled basket on the specified date.


Any documents that have not been actioned by a specified due date (if one was allocated by the document originator and "Auto Expire" was set to "Yes" during workflow setup), will go into the Expired basket, and will remain there until you delete them.


Any documents you have sent for signing or approval, which have been rejected by the recipient, will be displayed in the Rejected basket.


Documents that have been approved and signed are stored in the Completed basket.


This basket acts as a backup in the event of unforeseen IT problems, such as Internet downtime or sudden PC shutdown. Any document workflow you were busy setting up when the instance occurred, will be saved in the Drafts basket and you will be able to log in and carry on where you left off. 

Shared With Me:

This basket will display all the documents that have been shared with you. If you’ve been added to a workflow as a viewer, documents will be displayed in this basket. They will also be displayed here if you’ve been part of a workflow to sign a document. 


Portfolios are used for combining multiple documents, signed or unsigned, into one PDF document. You are able to workflow documents and forms, as well as split documents into separate workflows per page (which will then be brought back into one file set), with the Portfolios feature. You are able to share portfolios to the business department team and individual users, where they are either viewers, contributors or designated as owner (when change ownership). 


This basket shows the total number of documents you currently have stored on the SigniFlow system, excluding shared documents. 


This basket shows you how many SigniFlow workflows you still have available.