1. Signing a document for the first time with Version

By default your digital signature - whether font (text-based) or your own unique graphic signature (which you can either upload or draw) - embeds your chosen signature, name, reason code and date on the documents you sign, as in the image below, an example of a font-based option:

When our customers talk, we listen. So when some SignFlow users told us they felt this additional text affected the aesthetics of documents, we promptly put our thinking caps on and came up with a solution. The result: You now have the option to choose what text - if any - you want to accompany your signature. 

The next time you go to sign a document, you will be greeted with the following pop-up message: 

Clicking Continue will bring your Signature Type options:


Click on the signature type you wish to apply to documents and you will be introduced to one of the brand new options Version brings you: 

All you need to do to remove unwanted text components, is switch these off using the toggle switches provided, click Save - and Bob's your uncle. This is how your signature will appear when you sign documents going forward. Clicking on Back will takes you back a step, allowing you to change your signature type. 

If you have either a SignFlow Professional or SignFlow SA Legal account, you will also have the option to switch off the Signed with SignFlow border, meaning just your font-based or drawn signature will display when you sign documents - no other text or graphics whatsoever.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The items switched off in the new Edit Appearance function remain embedded in the certificate, and will still be present when you open and validate the digital signature. These fields are merely hidden/do not display on the signature's appearance.

2. Changing your signature appearance for future documents 

Should you wish to add or remove any of the text elements you set in the above instance for future documents, you can do so under the Profile drop-down menu on the left-hand side of your SignFlow workspace.

You are no doubt already familiar with the process of setting your actual signature under the Edit Signature tab. Unless you are a SignFREE user, you have always had the option of choosing between a font-based signature and your own unique graphic signature, as illustrated in the image below. 

*SignFREE users now also have the option to choose between and font-based and graphic signature. We go into this in more detail under Graphic Signatures for SignFREE Users.

After you've chosen your signature, click on the new Edit Appearance tab in your Profile drop-down menu to bring up the Signature Settings screen: 

Again, all you have to do is use the toggle switches to tell the system how you want your signature to display going forward. Click Save to confirm, or Cancel to go back to the default Signature Settings, which includes your name, the date & time and reason code. 

In the example above, I have chosen to keep my name and the date & time displayed, but have removed the reason code (which would normally appear below the date & time line under my name).