Prior to version, if you are a SignFREE or SignFree with Workflow user, you had to draw your signature (if you'd opted for a graphic, rather than font-based signature) every time you signed a document. 

To make things a whole lot easier for you, we have introduced a functionality that allows you to store your signature in SignFlow, so you only need to draw or upload your unique graphic signature once. 

Step 1: 

Simply click on the Edit Signature option under your Profile menu to bring up the following screen: 

Step 2: 

If you have a graphic signature on file that you wish to use, click Upload a Signature and simply drag & drop the file or click on the box that comes up to choose the file from your PC's hard drive, and the file (either jpeg, bmp or png) will automatically be saved as your graphic signature: 


To draw a signature using either your mouse or finger, if you are using a touchscreen device (recommended for best results), click Draw a Signature and draw your signature until you are satisfied (you can clear your signature by clicking Clear sig as many times as you wish) and then click Save sig to save:

For SignFREE users, this awesome addition enables single-click signing for the first time. You now draw or upload your signature once, save it and you never have to draw it again. Simply click on the "Sign Here" tab in all future documents and your saved signature will be applied. 

NOTE: As part of the new features we've introduced with Version, you can also now edit the appearance of your digital signature. To learn more about what this entails, go to Signature Appearance