Welcome to another great new feature SignFlow Version brings you - Group Signing.

Group Signing is a parallel workflow feature that allows you to set up a group of users - for instance a list of mandated directors or a sales department - where any number of specified users from the group can sign the document.

For example, let's say there are four directors of a company who have signed a mandate authorising them to sign annual facility letters, but the bank only requires signatures from two directors. The bank would then set up a group called something like “Company Directors”, and load all four directors as signers. The document is prepared with two signature fields and sent to all directors simultaneously. As soon as any two of the ten have signed, the workflow is complete (or, depending on how it is set up, it may continue to completion).

What makes SignFlow’s Group Signing feature unique, is the fact that it allows a combination of sequential and parallel workflow – also known as Advanced Routing – which lets users combine individual signers and group sign-offs, in a single workflow configuration (see Step 2, point 10). 

This is how it works:

Step 1 - Set up Document Information as per normal procedure:

  1. Go to Create New to start a new workflow
  2. Upload: Click to import your document, select the document you wish to send to the designated group
  3. Document Info: Enter document information including (where applicable) Priority, Due Date, etc and click Proceed

Step 2 - Set up your parallel workflow (group):

When you get to the third step of setting up a workflow - i.e. eSign Workflow, where you add signers - you will notice a new icon, Add Group:

  1. Click the Add Group icon 
  2. A dialogue box requiring 3 information fields from you will pop up:
    For the sake of this example, my group is called Company Directors and I require only two out of four directors to sign the document. 

  3. Enter the name you wish to assign to the group in the Group Name box
  4. Enter the number of signatures your document requires for validation in the Required number of signatures box
  5. Select the Action Required (Sign Document/Approve Document)
  6. Click Next

    The next dialogue box you will see will look like this: 

  7. Fill in the details of the first mandated signer and click Add User (or Add Yourself, if applicable, and the relevant info will auto-populate)

  8. If all details are correct, you will get a message saying "User added successfully" and, as you continue to users, they will be added to a list at the bottom of the information fields 

  9. When you have added all of the mandated signers for the group in question (in this case, four, as in the image below), click Add Group

    You will be taken back to the New Workflow page, which will display the group you have just set up:

  10. You can now either release the document (via Doc Prepper, or Skip Doc Prepper) or combine the parallel (group) workflow you have just set up with a sequential workflow by going into further options, i.e. Add Yourself, Add Signer, Add Face-to-Face, Add Approver or Add Viewer (Advanced Routing)

As soon as two of the four designated signers have signed the document, you will receive a Group Workflow completed email, indicating who has been notified, as well as which two of the four directors signed the document, which will look like this: