SignFlow's Forms feature - comprising Form Manager, Form Builder and Forms -  allows administrators of a company to create and save forms for the company to use. 

With SignFlow Version comes the addition of just one extra option - an incredibly useful option - in Form Builder: Include as a cover page.

This comes in response to clients' requests for a means of merging multiple documents into one, and sending these without the recipient seeing the form that was used to merge them together. 

How it works is pretty straightforward: 

  1. Click Form Builder in your main SignFlow menu, on the left of your workspace.
  2. You will reach the Create Form page, where you set up your form using our drag-and-drop system.
  3. Fill in the Form Name you wish to assign to the form you're about to create.
  4. Choose the Form Scope from your customised drop-down menu (i.e. who you are saving the for for use by).
  5. The next step is to choose whether or not to include the form as a cover page. If you select "No", you will fill in the form, attach the required documents, click submit and  only the documents attached will be sent for signing. If you select "Yes", the form will be merged with the attached documents and whoever needs to sign the documents will also be able to see the associated form.

NOTE: In order to access Form Builder, you need to be a forms administrator in your company - an access right only SignFlow technical support can give you. 

And there you have it, all the awesome new things you can do with SignFlow Version - enjoy and please do not hesitate to give us any feedback you feel may make for further improvements and additions in future versions of our ever-evolving software.