One of SigniFlow's groundbreaking features added in 2016, Face-to-Face Signing entails the conversion of an electronic signature (usually created with a mouse, signature pad, tablet or smartphone) into a cryptographic digital signature. In other words, this powerful tool takes a simple drawn electronic mark and turns it into a fully-fledged, legally certifiable digital signature with all the security and non-repudiation benefits that come with it.

Face-to-Face signatures are produced in the presence of a SigniFlow user, who then also signs the document with their SigniFlow digital signature as a witness. Face-to-Face (in the physical presence of the other person/s) signing gives the SigniFlow user the opportunity to witness any third party person signing a document electronically during the same signing session. 

Face-to-Face signatures are well suited to agreements that need to be signed in the presence of a witness, for instance contractual signing between an attorney and his client, or contracts prescribed by Law (i.e National Credit Act) requiring the presence of a witness. 

Read News Release on Face-to-Face Signing.

For a visual guide to Ad Hoc Face-to-Face signing watch this video: 

For a visual guide to Predefined Face-to-Face signing watch this video: 

To set up a Face-to-Face signature (predefined, follow these steps: 

  1. Follow the steps of creating a new workflow up to Step 3: Set up your workflow.
  2. Click on Add Face-to-Face.
  3. You will be prompted to add a signer. This is usually the witness, which can be yourself or another signer.  As per the normal workflow process, you can also add yourself, an approver or viewer - or a combination of these.

  4. Once you have set up all the necessary recipients and actions, click Go to Doc Prepper.  

  5. In Doc Prepper, you can add the third party (Face-to-Face) and witness (signature) fields.
    NOTE: It is possible for multiple Face-to-Face signatories to sign with just one SigniFlow user as witness. In this case, you would  simply drag and drop as many Face-to-Face fields  (signature and/or initial) as necessary, with the single signature field for the witness. 

  6. In the example above, an employment contract, the SigniFlow user and witness is the employer (top signature field), and there are two Face-to-Face signature fields for two individual employees. 

    NOTE: You can add an Initial field for the Face-to-Face signer/signers too, but (in version 3.2) you can only add one field, which means all Face-to-Face signers will need to initial in one modal during the signing process. For more on how to set up this and other fields, see the article on Doc Prepper.

    Initialling has no legal implications and is purely for practical/personal purposes. See the article on Initialling a document for the history behind initialling, and for more info. 

  7. Click the Release Document button in the right-hand actions column to send your document to the designated witness/witnesses for signing.

  8. The recipient/s will be able to open the document, sign it with their SigniFlow signature, and have the face-to-face signee sign the document in their presence. 

  9. The signing process for Face-to-Face fields is different to the normal SigniFlow signing process (for example, there is an order in which signatures must be applied). For a detailed guide on signing with our Face-to-Face feature click HERE.

    NOTE:  The Face-to-Face feature allows businesses to activate an OTP (one-time pin), which is sent to the mobile number of the signatory at  he time of signing (only available to SigniFlow Business users).