Digitising the process of getting documents signed (and everything in between) is what we do; and at the core of this process, is the actual signing of documents. The process is fast, secure and straight-forward. What follows, is a step-by-step guide on how to sign a document using SigniFlow's world-class digital signature software.

  1. Firstly, you will be able to see from your SigniFlow Dashboard that that you have a document/documents waiting for your signature. There are two indicators here: a flashing red notification in the top right-hand corner of your SigniFlow account page; and your Pending basket, which shows how many documents await an action from your side.

    You will also receive an email notifying you that you've been sent a document for signing, so if you are not signed in to your SigniFlow account, you will still immediately be made aware.  

  2. Given the above, you can proceed to signing in one of three ways: 
    • Click on the flashing notification icon in SigniFlow, ad then click Open to go directly to the document that requires singing.
    • Click on your Pending basket, and select the document you want to sign.
    • Click on either the document link or the Open Document button in the email you received.This assumes you are already a SigniFlow user, if not, see the chapter on Register for a SigniFlow account when an email has been sent to you

  3. If there are any mandatory fields that have been set up in the document (such as Company Name and Registration no, as in the sample document below), you will need to complete these fields before you can sign the document. Mandatory fields can be either text fields or check-box fields. (You will have been notified upon opening the document if this is the case). 

  4. Next, you will see thumbnails of the document or document pages on the left-hand side of your SigniFlow workspace. Each page that requires a signature is marked with an indicator ("HERE").

    Always be sure to take note of the Instructions box on the right-hand side of your workspace. This will guide you through the steps you need to follow to completion, in the sequence they need to be completed. In this case, you will be instructed to first fill in all open text fields throughout the document, before clicking on each signature field in the document: 

  5. Apart from signing the document, you also have have the option to reject the document, or to nominate someone else for signing (if a proxy was allowed by the document originator). These options are available via the menu on the right-hand side of your workspace: 
    • Download: This downloads the document as a PDF document that includes all digital components. This PDF can be used to verify the digital signatures online using Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer. 
    • Download (Printable): This downloads the document as a flat file (image PDF) that is optimised for printing on paper. Because Adobe doe not print digital annotations (used for initialing documents) when printing to paper, the printable download removes all digital components (including the ability to verify the signature) and creates a PDF image that looks the same on paper after print, as what the digital .PDF looks like on screen.
    • Reject the document: This rejects the document sent to you. You will be prompted to enter a reason for the rejection, which will be sent to the document originator.
    • Nominate someone else:  You will only have this option if the document originator allowed a proxy when setting up the workflow. Clicking on this button will bring up a new window in which you will need to enter the details of the person you wish to nominate as a proxy signer. Your nominated person will then be notified that they have a document requiring their attention.

  6. Once you have completed the required text fields, click Proceed to Signing. A pop-up box asking you if you want to proceed to signing will appear. If you click Yes, the text fields you completed will be saved and you will be able to move on to signing the document. You will need to sign everywhere a signature field (as mentioned above, indicated by HERE) has been inserted.

    NOTE: If you do not have Geolocation services set up, you will get a notification before signing to give you the option of setting these up: "Geolocation: SigniFlow Location Notification. Your Geolocation service is currently disabled in your browser. To continue without Geolocation, please click OK. Geolocation is used for audit purposes only. To enable your Geolocation, please visit the SigniFlow Support Portal FAQ section located HERE." 

  7. Finally, to digitally sign the document, read through the document and click the Sign Here button. You will immediately see your chosen signature (set up in your profile - for more on how to do this, click here) has been applied, and you will also notice HERE changes to DONE (on the page thumbnails on the left-hand side of your workspace). Your right-hand side menu now changes and no longer gives you the option to Reject or Nominate Someone Else.

    The document is now digitally signed. Click Done in the right-hand menu, and the document originator will be notified that you have signed the document, which will now move to your Shared with me basket. Shared documents do not impact the available documents on the SigniFlow license, as you have not originated the document.

    NOTE: Once you’ve clicked on the Sign Here button, the document is digitally signed and locked down. If anything changes within the document, the signature will be invalid and it will show you that the document has been changed.

    To confirm the signature, you can click on the signature and it will display the certificate details: