Face-to-Face gives the signer the opportunity to witness a third party signing a document with an electronic signature which is then converted to a digital signature. For a guide on how to set up Face-to-Face signatures, please see the article on Face-to-Face signing in the Creating & Managing Workflows folder.

  1. When it comes to signing a document containing Face-to-Face fields, follow the standard process of opening your document. 
  2. Firstly, you will be able to see from your SignFlow Dashboard that that you have a document/documents waiting for your signature. There are two indicators here: a flashing red notification in the top right-hand corner of your SignFlow account page; and your Pending basket, which shows how many documents await an action from your side.
  3. You will also receive an email notifying you that you've been sent a document for signing, so if you are not signed in to your SignFlow account, you will still immediately be made aware.
  4. Given the above, you can proceed to signing in one of three ways:
    • Click on the flashing notification icon in SignFlow, ad then click Open to go directly to the document that requires singing.
    • Click on your Pending basket, and select the document you want to sign.
    • Click on either the document link or the Open Document button in the email you received.This assumes you are already a signflow user, if not, see the article on how to Register for a SignFlow account when an email has been sent to you.
  5. Upon opening the document, if you do not have Geolocation enabled, you will first be greeted with a SignFlow Location Notification.
  6. If you do not have Geolocation enabled, we suggest you do this. Knowing what the physical geographical location (geolocation) of the signer was when they signed the document, strengthens non-repudiation

    NOTE: Geolocation cannot be enforced. Signees are prompted by their browser to allow or disallow SignFlow to track their location. If the Signee chooses “Do not allow” when prompted, then the SignFlow application is blocked from their GPS coordinates. 

    To find out how to enable Geolocation for SignFlow using Firefox as your browser click HERE  
    To find out how to enable Geolocation for SignFlow using Google Chrome as your browser click HERE

  7. Click OK to close the SignFlow Location Notification box. 
  8. If the document originator has included a custom message when setting up the document, you will see this next. 
  9. Once you have read the message, click Close
  10. Next, you will be notified that the document requires Face-to-Face signing, and given instructions as to how the document need to be signed. This is the gist of what you need to know here:
    • The Face-to-Face signatory must sign first.
    • There may be multiple Face-to-Face signatories, in which case all of these must sign before the Witness does.
    • The Witness must then sign immediately, and while logged into the same session as the Face-to-Face signatory.
  11. Click Ok to close the info box and proceed to signing.
  12. You will now have the document with Face-to-Face and witness (SignFlow user) fields in front of you. Face-to-Face fields are indicated in the left-hand side thumbnail column with a blue HERE, while the witness signature field/fields are indicated with the customary yellow HERE. Remember to take not of the right-hand side column, which gives you Instructions on how to proceed. 

    In the sample document below, two Face-to-Face signatories are required to sign on the last page of the contract, Page 4, after which the witness (SignFlow user) will sign, on the same page. The witness' signature field will indicate this can only be actioned once all Face-to-Face fields have been actioned (Face-to-Face required).

  13. Click on the first Sign Here field to input details of the first Face-to-Face signatory. The process that follows is the same for each of the Face-to-Face signatories involved in signing the document in question.

  14. You will be required to enter each Face-to-Face signatory's First name (compulsory), Surname (compulsory), Email Address (optional), Mobile Number (compulsory), Identification Type, i.e. ID Document or Passport (compulsory), and corresponding ID/passport number. 

  15. Before clicking Next, you have to acknowledge that you agree to use electronic signatures of the Face-to-Face individual/s in question as a valid means of signing the document by checking the box. 

  16. Click Next.

  17. The Face-to-Face signatory can now either draw their signature, using a mouse or touchscreen; or to choose one of eight pre-set font-based signatures, as per the image below. 

  18. As soon as all Face-to-Face signatories have applied their chosen signatures, the witness can sign, as per the usual SignFlow signing process (click HERE to go to the article on signing documents in SignFlow).

  19. Finally, to conclude the Face-to-Face document and complete the workflow, click DONE.

  20. The document originator will receive an email notifying them that all the signatories they set up in their document have signed, and that the workflow is complete.