Watch the video below for an an overview on registering for a SigniFlow Account as a first-time user. 

Becoming a SigniFlow user is super exciting - and one of the best decisions you could make - well done, and welcome! This step-by-step guide will take you through the SigniFlow registration process:

Registering for a SigniFlow account is a quick process, comprising three main steps - Contact Information, Account Setup and Confirmation


There are a couple of ways to reach the Register for a SigniFlow Account page: 

  1. Click on Login in the top-left corner of the SigniFlow home page, or on Log In To, in the top-right corner, and choose your region. This will open a dialogue box that allows existing users to enter their login details and give you, as a new user, the option of signing up. (No Account? Sign up) 
  2. Receive a document to sign from another SigniFlow user. If you are not a registered user, you will be prompted to go to the Register for a SigniFlow Account page before you can sign the document. 

STEP ONE: Contact Information   


1. Email

You will need access to the email account you enter here, as a confirmation email will be sent to this address at the end of the registration process. This email address will be verified by means of an OTP (one-time pin).

2. Choose your country

You will select your country of residence from a dropdown menu.

3. Mobile

You will need to ensure the mobile device associated with the number you enter here is nearby, as an OTP authentication code will be sent to this number at the end of Step One. An OTP will only be sent to South African clients.

4. Identification Type 

Click on the right-hand side arrow to select either National ID (your South African identity number in this example) or passport number from the drop-down list. SigniFlow will validate the information you provide with a third-party ID verification agent.

5. T's & C's

Read through our Terms & Conditions and legal notices before proceeding. Once you have ticked the box at the bottom, you declare that you understand and agree to all the Terms and Conditions of service laid out on the website. You cannot click on Proceed unless you have ticked the box. 

7. Click Proceed

You will receive an OTP on the mobile device associated with the mobile number you entered (South African clients only) and be taken to step two.

STEP TWO: Account Setup

* All fields are compulsory.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enter your First name(s) & Surname(s) exactly as they appear in your ID Book. Multiple names need to be separated from each other with a space.

1. OTP Authentication Code

Enter the OTP that was sent to the mobile number you provided in Step One. 

2. Gender 

Select your gender from the drop-down menu that appears when you click the right-hand side arrow. If female, you will be asked to enter both your surname and maiden name. 

3. Full Name

Type in your full name(s) as shown on your ID document or Passport. SigniFlow will compare and validate this information against information provided from a third-party ID authentication agent (optional, depending on customer). 

4. Surname

Type in your surname as shown on your ID document or Passport. SigniFlow will compare and validate this information against information provided from a third-party ID authentication agent (optional, depending on customer). 

5. Maiden Name (female clients)

If you are married, type in your maiden name as it appears on your ID document/Passport. A maiden name is the original surname of a married woman who uses her husband's surname after marriage. If your surname and maiden name are the same, you can leave this field blank.

6. Password 

Type in the password that you will use to log into your SigniFlow account once you've been registered as a user. This needs to be a minimum of 8 characters and must contain at least 1 numerical digit. Text that appears below this field as you type will indicate whether the password you entered is Weak, Moderate or Good. 

7. Confirm Password 

Re-enter the password you just entered in step 6, making sure it matches it exactly. Your password is case-sensitive. 

8. Click Proceed

You will receive a confirmation email at the address you provided in Step One, which includes a confirmation key and Activate button, either of which will allow you to finalise your registration as a SigniFlow user. 

You will also be taken to the third and final step. 

STEP THREE: Confirmation

There are two ways of confirming your registration and activating your account. 

1. Confirmation Key

You can copy the key from the email you received and paste it in the block above, then click Activate. 


2. Activation Button

You can click on the activation button in the email you received, and skip the above step. 

That done, Bob's your uncle - you have just taken the first step to experiencing a world of digital efficiency you never thought possible.

Now just click on Go to Login to begin your SigniFlow journey. Bon voyage!