Signing up for DigiSign in Draftworx:

Please note that only the partner/s of the firm should sign up for SignFlow, there will be a annul cost per partner/user (please inquire about costs and billing directly with Draftworx on 

Step 1

Click on the “Document” drop down menu and select “Signature Requests”

Step 2

Select “Yes” if you have a SignFlow account or “No” if you would like to sign on now:



Step 3 - How to use DigiSign:

Preview your financials:

Click on Signatures to left on the preview screen:

Step 4

Then click – “Submit for Signatures” also top left:

The list below will contain the name of the Audit firm Partner as well as the directors/members listed in your “Client settings” screen, simply tick each person who you would like to sign these financials and press send – it will now be sent off for signature.

Step 6

Client setup screen:

Step 7

An e-mail will be received by you and the directors/members selected on the previous step:

Clicking on the hyperlink will open the document through SignFlow:

Scroll down the pages on the far left till you find the “HERE” indicating where you need to sign:

Step 8

Signing: You can upload an image/use your mouse or type your name

Click on “Sign Here”:

Step 9

After signing off click on “Done” top left of the screen and it will be submitted to the first director/member:

When the first director receives his e-mail the same process will follow until all directors have signed. 

Once all directors have signed everyone will receive a set of financials and a set of signed financials will be loaded up in your Draftworx client file as well.