In today's mobile-centric society, SignFlow's world-class digital signature solution would not be complete if it did not offer a seamless, user-friendly mobile experience. Similar to signing a document on a PC (see the article on Signing a document), follow the steps below to sign a document you've been sent in SignFlow, using your mobile device.

  1. Go to and tap on the drop-down menu bar. By default this will read "Mobility Menu".
  2. A drop-down menu will appear, either directly below the bar - or at the bottom half of your mobile's screen - depending on the device you are using. In this instance, images are based on an Apple iPhone 6S Plus.
  3. Scroll down to, and select, Login.
  4. Tap Done (top-right corner of drop-down menu box).
  5. You will then get to the familiar SignFlow login screen, where you need to enter your Username (email address) and Password. Note: You can also go directly to the SignFlow login screen, by typing in the URL
  6. Enter the said SignFlow credentials and tap Login.
  7. Your SignFlow profile will open up, displaying a condensed mobile-friendly version of your Dashboard.

  8. Tapping on the icon in the top-right corner of your screen (three horizontal lines) will open up the SignFlow menu you are used to seeing on the left of your desktop screen. You can collapse this by tapping the icon again.

  9. As with signing a document in SignFlow on a desktop, you have two means of opening the document you have been sent for signing: either tap on the flashing notifications icon next to your profile picture and tap Open; or tap on the Pending option for a list of documents that require your action. 
  10. Once you have opened the document you wish to sign, you will see a section of the document, with blue arrow tags on either side. Tap on these to open up curtain menus, which are those you would normally have in open view on your desktop; i.e. Document thumbnails on the left and Options and Instructions on the right. Tapping these arrow tags again will collapse the menus. 

    NOTE: While you can simply swipe your touchscreen to view all corners of the document, turning your mobile into a landscape position will give you an optimal view of the document you wish to sign:
  11. Tap on Proceed to signing.

  12. If there are any other fields - such as Checkboxes or Open Text Fields - that require actioning before you can sign the document, you will be notified. 

  13. Simply tap on the checkboxes and/or text fields and/or dropdown fields to either check, fill in text or select an option. 

  14. Once you have filled in all the mandatory fields, you will be asked if you want to proceed to signing. 

  15. Tap Yes.

  16. As with the usual signing process, you will see a Sign Here box where you need to place your signature. 

  17. Tap Sign Here.

  18. You will be notified that all actions required have been completed and a message has been sent to the owner of the document informing them. 

  19. Tap Ok.