One of SignFlow's groundbreaking features added in 2016, Face-to-Face (F2F) Signing entails the conversion of an electronic signature (usually created with a mouse, signature pad, tablet or smartphone) into a cryptographic digital signature. In other words, this powerful tool takes a simple drawn electronic mark and turns it into a fully-fledged, legally certifiable digital signature with all the security and non-repudiation benefits that come with it.

Face-to-Face signatures are produced in the presence of a SignFlow user, who then also signs the document with their SignFlow digital signature as a witness. Face-to-Face (in the physical presence of the other person/s) signing gives the SignFlow user the opportunity to witness any third party person signing a document electronically during the same signing session. 

Face-to-Face signatures are well suited to agreements that need to be signed in the presence of a witness, for instance contractual signing between an attorney and his client, or contracts prescribed by Law (i.e National Credit Act) requiring the presence of a witness. 

You are no doubt already familiar with the original F2F signing procedure, as per SignFlow Version (for how to set up a F2F document click HERE; for a guide on receiving and signing a F2F document click HERE). Well, we took that already awesome feature, and gave it wings! 

Here is what is new in Face-to-Face signing, Version 

Setting up a Face-to-Face workflow

  • You can now create and pre-load a F2F user when setting up your workflow.
  • You can add more than one F2F user and select one or more to sign the document.
  • You can choose to have the system send a one-time pin (OTP) to the face signer, adding another level of verification to the physical face-to-face process.
    PLEASE NOTE: You will not automatically see the OTP option. In order for you to be able to use the OTP feature, your company's admin need to contact SignFlow Support to have it set up.

1. Setting up a Face-to-Face document workflow in Version

  1. Follow the steps of creating a new workflow up to Step 3: Set up your workflow.
  2. Click on Add Face-to-Face.

  3. You will first be prompted to add a witness to sign the document. This can be yourself or another signer.  

  4. Fill in all the fields as indicated and click Add.
    NOTE: Allowing a Proxy gives the recipient of the Face-to-Face document the ability to nominate someone else to sign if necessary. 
  5. As soon as you click Add, another box will pop up, prompting you to add the first (in the event of multiple) Face-to-Face user's (face signer) details.

  6. As mentioned, the option of sending a one-time pin (OTP) to the face signer is new to Version It is important that the mobile number you input in the face signer details dialogue box corresponds to the mobile phone they will have with them when signing the document. Should you choose to enable this option (toggle the OTP bar to turn on or off), the signer will receive an OTP on their mobile phone, which they will input before signing the document in your presence. 
  7. Once you have input all of the first face signer's details, click Add User.
  8. You will get another face signer dialogue box, similar to the first, in which you have to fill in the same details. You will also see the face signers you have added prior in a table at the bottom of the box.
    NOTE: in the example above, the OTP has not been selected. You can choose whether or not to use this option in each individual case.
  9. After inputting each face signer's details, click Add User, to add them to the list. You can remove any of the face signers you have added by clicking on the red Delete icon to the right of their details in the bottom table.
  10. Once you have added all required face signers, click Finish.

    NOTE: Face signers' names appear in the table in alphabetical order. You choose the order in which they sign during the signing process.

  11. You will now be taken back to your workflow screen.
  12. You will only see the witness listed in the signature table. You now have the option to go back and make changes or cancel the workflow (Back).
  13. You also have the option to either store the document in SignFlow - or to both store and email it - upon completion ("When complete drop-down menu).
  14. NOTE: As per the normal workflow process, you can also add an approver or viewer - or a combination of these. (Remember to order the signatories in the order you want the workflow to progress).
  15. If you are happy with the workflow setup, click Go to Doc Prepper.
  16. You will see the familiar Doc Prepper page, with the list of signers (witness first, plus how ever many face signers you set up) on the right-hand side. 
  17. Set up the required fields by clicking on the name of the person and dragging and dropping the field (signature, initial, etc) to the desired location.
  18. For a detailed guide on Doc Prepper and its various fields, click here
  19. NOTE: In version, as soon as you click on the name of one of the face signers, the Face-to-Face Fields option (under 2. Choose an action in the right-hand bar) disappears and you set up these signers as you would any other.
  20. Place the face signers' signature and other fields as desired, and click Release Document (green button in the right-hand bar, under Form Fields).
    In the example above, three face signers have been set up, each with a Signature Field and a Name Field. You will notice each signer's fields are a different colour.

  21. That is it from the originating side, for a detailed guide on receiving and signing a Face-to-Face document in Version, click here