This article will take you through the process of signing a Face-to-Face (F2F) document in Version For a detailed guide on how to set up a F2F workflow, click here.

The process of signing a Face-to-Face document with SignFlow Version differs from that of its predecessor (see the detailed guide to the previous version's process here) in a few ways: 

  • Version includes an extra level of verification, in the form of an optional one-time pin (OTP) for face signers.
  • In Version, face signers are pre-loaded and each have their own designated signature field, and/or other fields. Previously, face signers were only represented by a generic signature field.

Now let's go through the new, improved and extra-secure process of signing a Face-to-Face document with Version

If you have set up the F2F document yourself, and designated yourself as a witness, you will immediately be taken to the document from the last step in the setup process (see Setting up a F2F workflow in Version - i.e. Click on Release document.

Otherwise, as per the usual SignFlow process, you will be able to see from your SignFlow Dashboard that that you have a document waiting for your signature. There are two indicators here: a flashing red notification in the top right-hand corner of your SignFlow account page; and your Pending basket, which shows how many documents await an action from your side.

  1. Open the F2F document.
  2. If the document originator has entered a message with the document, this will be the first pop-up box you see. (If not, start from step 4, below)
  3. Click Close.
  4. You will be notified that the document contains preloaded Face-to-Face signatures, and be presented with a list of all said F2F signers.
  5. Click Select to the right of the name of the face signer you wish to sign the document. You can choose any order of signing you wish.
  6. If the document originator opted for the one-time pin (OTP) option when setting up the document, the selected face signer will receive a one-time pin (OTP) on the mobile phone number entered upon setup.
  7. Enter the OTP received via SMS and click Submit.

  8. You will be taken to the document containing F2F field/fields, all indicated with individually-coloured field blocks and the yellow HERE tag in the thumbnail column on the left of your screen.

  9. At this stage, you still have the option to Select Different Face Signer.
    NOTE: Remember to refer to the Instructions in the column on the right-hand side of your screen for additional tips.

  10. Click on the signature field that reads "[NAME] Sign Here".

  11. The face signer will be presented with two options: Draw Your Signature and Choose Font Signature.

    NOTE: If the face signer choose the former option, they need to draw their signature using a mouse or touchscreen. SignFlow's smoothing technology will lend a helping hand here, but for best results we recommend drawing the signature by hand on a touchscreen. 

    If the face signer chooses to go with a font signature, it is a simple case of them choosing one of eight fonts (as pictured below), their name in which will then represent their signature on the document.

  12. In the case of the drawn signature, the face signer needs to click Sign Document, after which their signature will be committed to the document.

  13. In the case of the font signature, as soon as the signer selects a font, their signature is committed.

  14. Repeat this process for all face signers.

    NOTE: In the example above, the document originator set up both Signature and Name fields for each face signer.

  15. Once all face signers have signed the document, you will again be taken back to the document, which you as the witness need to sign. 

  16. Simply follow the usual process of signing documents, by clicking Sign Here.

  17. You will immediately be notified all required actions have been completed and that the owner of the document will receive an email informing them the workflow is complete.