Clicking on the Business Profile tab in your SignFlow profile will open up a new page, with your Business Dashboard being the first tab to open up, by default.


The Business Dash is purely for informational purposes. The information it comprises pertains to the entire business - that is, all users who are linked to your business - and not just the user accessing it. 

Unlike your SignFlow user profile, the icons are not active and do not have any function beyond comprising an informational dashboard of business documents in the system. The icons - or baskets - comprise the six most pertinent figures a business administrator needs to know: 


This number represents all business documents that have been signed and/or approved by all recipients required to action them. 

In Progress:     

This is the number of business documents that are circulating and not yet completed, i.e. they have not been actioned by all in the workflow. Essentially, any document that has an incomplete workflow is included in this number. 

Pending Signatures:

This is the number of signatures that are outstanding. In other words, the total sum of required signatures that have not yet been placed. 


This shows you how many document workflows have been cancelled, for whatever reason, or have expired due to a specified due date. 


This shows you how many of the business documents sent for signing or approval have been rejected by any of the recipients. 


The total number of business documents in the SignFlow system - i.e. the sum of all of the above.