After your informational Business Dash, the next tab you'll find on your Business Profile menu is Business Details:

The Business Details section comprises the following fields: 

Business Name
Business Registration Number
Business VAT Number
Street Address
Postal Code
MP Number

Logo options

  • Although this section comprises a number of details pertaining to your business (as above), as a business user you can only change two elements: Logo and Email Header/Background Colour
  • All other fields, which are set by the SignFlow support team at the onboarding stage, cannot be changed directly by the user. 
  • Should you wish to update your details, please contact SignFlow Support. 

So let's go through the elements of Business Details that you, the end user, can directly change: 

Logo & Email Header Colour

NOTE: While you can resize the logo that appears across your business's SignFlow communication, as well as the email header background colour (follow the steps below), we recommend you contact SignFlow Support to assist you in achieving optimal results.


  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Business Details page.
  2. You will see "Upload Logo" in a dotted border. 
  3. Clicking on this will open up your device's hard drive files, from which you can choose an image to upload to SignFlow as your logo.
  4. This is the logo that will appear on all of the emails the SignFlow system sends out from your business - including notifications or requests for signing to yourself, those within your business and others - all branded with your chosen logo.
  5. To resize your logo, in the "Resize logo" box, input the percentage of the size you want to resize your current displayed logo to. For instance, if you want it half the size it currently appears, enter 50%. 
  6. To change the colour of your email header, click on the Email Header Colour box. 
  7. This will bring up a colour picker, from which you can choose the colour you wish to appear as your email header background. 
  8. Click Save Colour.

NOTE: The background colour is based on Hex colour code. If you are familiar with this code, you can enter the one that corresponds with your chosen colour in the box, next to the hashtag.