The function of Custom Messages is to allow workflow users to select from pre-defined custom messages to send with their documents. 

The Custom Messages function is for use by the whole company and can be enabled or disabled, by using the Enable Custom Messages toggle. 

  • Enable Custom Messages: This will allow all users within the business profile to select custom messages, but allows users to still add their own message. 

  • Force Custom Messages: If this is set to on, the user cannot type in their own message. They can only choose from the pre-defined custom messages, as seen in the Custom Messages list. Every custom message that has been set up by the company admin will be in this list. 

  • Save Custom Message Rules: This will activate the custom message options.

  • Add Custom Message: This enables you to add additional custom messages to the business profile.

  • Edit: This enables you to change current custom messages in the system and update the custom messages. 

  • Remove: This will delete the custom messages from the business profile.

  • Message ID: This is the ID number assigned to each Custom Message by the SignFlow system. 

  • Name: The name you gave your custom message.

  • Message: The pre-defined Custom Message you set up after clicking on Add Custom Message: