The next item down on your SignFlow Business Profile, Template Admin, is where you add the administrators for templates - i.e. the individuals who will have the ability to edit or remove Workflow or DocPrepper templates. 

Upon opening the Template Admin tab, you will see a table of all users who have permission to edit or remove templates, if any have been added (Current Admins).


  • Add Admin: To add a template administrator, simply click on Add Admin, then enter the user's email address in the given text box, and click Save. These will always be SignFlow users. 

  • Show [X] entries: You can choose to view 10, 25, 50 or 100 entries, which you can select via the Show X entries dropdown box.

  • Search:  The Search bar enables you to quickly find an entry by typing in the first three letters of a User, Team or Department name. All entries matching your search criteria will come up. 

  • Admin ID: The number assigned to each Template Admin when they are added. It is auto-generated by the SignFlow system. 

  • User ID: This is the number that was assigned to each user when they were added to the business profile. It is auto-generated by the SignFlow system.

  • Full Name: The name and surname associated with the email address you entered when you added the admin. 
    NOTE: The coloured icons to the left of users' names indicates when last each user was active. A black icon means the user has not yet accepted the email notification sent to them when they were added to the Business Profile; a grey icon means the user has registered with SignFlow, and has a password, but has not logged in to the system for more than seven days; An orange icon means the user has logged in within the last seven days, but not the current day; and a green icon means the user has logged in on the current day and has recently used the system.

  • Email: The email address of the template admin you added. 

  • Contact Number: The cellphone number associated with the email address you entered when you added the admin.

  • Remove: This button allows you to remove any of the Template Admins you previously set up. 

  • Copy: This copies all the information in the Template Admin table, by row, to your Clipboard. You can then paste the text file wherever you need to, e.g. into a Word document, Notepad, etc. NOTE: The number of entries you chose to display comes into play here (10, 25, 50 or 100), as only this number of rows will be copied to your Clipboard).

  • Excel: The Excel button exports all of the above-mentioned information into an Excel file, which is then automatically downloaded onto your hard drive. You will be able to find the file in your Downloads folder, or as a tab at the bottom of your screen. 

  • PDF: As above, the PDF button creates a PDF file of all template admins' information. The show entries note applies. 

For more information on Workflow/DocPrepper templates, click HERE (DocPrepper: Sign here and other input fields) and go to Step 3 (Apply/save a template) under 4. Face-to-Face Fields.